MotoMojo raises angel funding from founders of Ventes Avenues for customer acquisition, expansion

Mobile application based vehicle maintenance firm MotoMojo has raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from the founders of Ventes Avenues, which invests in startups and helps them reach their customers. Niloufer Dundh, Fauzan Rahim and Balamurugan Mani, the three cofounders of Ventes Avenues, have invested in MotoMojo in their personal capacity.

MotoMojo founder Uttam Arjun told ET that the funds will be used for building the product and the team, as well as customer acquisition. The company, which started operations in March, currently has presence in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Arjun said, “We will focus on gaining a robust leadership position in the city before moving on to other cities like Pune, followed by either Delhi or Bengaluru by the end of the year.”

MotoMojo connects users to local garages and vendors using an app-based on-demand hyperlocal model. The app directs the users to the nearest providers of the service they are looking for. The users have the option of contacting the service provider directly or putting in a request with the company. The services range from car washing to changing tyres to complete servicing.

“This is a very fragmented space and we see a lot of potential in it,” said Ventes Avenues’ co-founder Fauzan Rahim. “Since everything is moving the ‘app way’, this is a great product as it helps remove uncertainty which consumers face when they go to a local mechanic or garage,” he said. MotoMojo services about 50 vehicles a day at present and has a network of 2,500 garages in Mumbai. There has been a sharp increase in the number of startups operating in vehicle maintenance business across the country. Most such firms are, however, restricted to just one or two cities.

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