HarvaWith a vision to create economic and social value for stakeholders by leveraging the potential of rural communities, HaRva has created a reproducible, profitable and self–‐sustainable community development model centred on a village. This village then fosters an ecosystem that enables HaRva to deliver the various value-added services that benefit customers as well as the local community.

HaRva’s first of its kind initiatives: Women’s BPO, Digital Huts and Rural IT Hub with Internet connectivity to generate jobs and make them self-sustainable in 14 Indian states.

  • HaRva helps brands connect to villages and small towns in India.

With the help of HaRva’s rural influencers we can target village and small town populations where these influencers equip themselves with tablets & mobile gadgets to publicize your product. They can gather people from their villages and they will be able to demonstrate your product to their peer group.