Mobile Marketing email-marketing brand awareness
Mobile Marketing: We help design targeted & engaging mobile campaigns for both feature, smart phones & handheld devices. Mobile marketing includes location based, personalized information that promotes goods, services and generates leads. Email Marketing for Lead Generation: As marketers we at Ventes Avenues convert a potential customers fledging curiosity to a full blown product interest via lead generation through email marketing. Brand Awareness: We help create brand awareness for various brands & help the brand through its journey from awareness to consideration using all our expertise.
Event Marketing survey online marketing
Event Marketing: We help manage the digital marketing & sponsorship for various events. We are responsible for broad-basing the overall participation, managing sponsors, and speakers, digital marketing including the designing & sending out of mailers along with overall coordination with the event management company. Online Surveys: We can undertake accurate digital surveys with sharper targeting & thereby provide rich data. Social Media Analytics & Content: Provide accurate data analysis & disruptive content which can enhance the social health of your brand.