World's most popular photo-editing app, used by makeup artists, photographers, and mobile phone snappers.
It is the preferred Beauty and Makeup app.

Content integration


Move beyond traditional ad formats and focus on ‘Retail-tainment’; this allows brands to communicate with potential customers interactively through unique and engaging content. A user can try-on a brand, and see her look before making a purchase decision.

AR Filter


Get your brand to connect with their audiences, make customized theme filters(animated frames/masks etc) which communicate your brands promise in a fun environment, get the audiences to share on social media and create lasting memories.



The App’s facial recognition and artificial intelligence tool helps users express themselves in their own unique way. Features including Augmented Reality (AR) masks, professional photo retouch tools, auto-beautification capabilities, "Magic Brush" and a collection of "AnimeCam" looks sets this app apart from the rest.

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monthly active users

20 Mn Monthly Active Users

monthly active users

18-35 Years Avg. Age of 95% users

monthly active users

60% Users Base is Female

monthly active users

65% Users From Top Metros