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Ventes Avenues is a Mobile Media Company specializing in Mobile Performance and Mobile Audiences. We are a preferred display and performance marketing partner to several leading international publishers in the Indian market.

We work with over 200 advertisers and digital agencies across campaigns to help them reach and engage with their audiences and meet their performance and brand solutions objectives.

With our innovative ad units especially created for smartphones coupled with an unconventional approach, we are creating disruptions in the mobile advertising space in India. Our USP includes multi-level targeting and a direct control over our inventory.

At Ventes Avenues, we are strong believers in technology and marketing precision, and to achieve our goals we leverage our strong relationships, our network, our varied experience and our deep understanding of brand requirements.


Upping the ante in technology and marketing precision in mobile advertising.


We give value to our publishers & brands through our deep understanding of mobile brand solutions.




We add value to Publishers and Brands by blending our deep understanding of the adtech ecosystem to the technology that we built on the core premise of making adtech a pleasant experience.



We believe in being honest, open and respectful at all times to our colleagues, customers and stakeholders.



We believe you should know details behind every impression served on your property and every dollar spent from your pocket. Our platform was built on this belief. And yes, it delivers!



Equipped with a combined experience of over 50 years in diverse media industries, the founding team maintains an open and transparent work culture at Ventes Avenues. The philosophy of the organisation is to empower every individual and encourage them to contribute to our journey.

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Goafest is India’s largest Advertising and Media festival, which takes place each year in April. It is attended by 3000 people working in the Indian Media and Advertising Industry.

Since 2014, Goafest has appointed Ventes Avenues to manage sponsorships and run its digital mailer activity. We garner revenue from Sponsors for Goafest. The mailer activity disseminates information about Goafest; encouraging people to register and attend the festival.