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At Ventes Avenues we thrive on good energy, this is what keeps us going and boosts our innovative thinking. We enjoy and celebrate the special moments of life .... birthdays, festivals and achievements.



Together we grow. Learning is a continuous process. At Ventes Avenues we practice #ReverseLearning; which is a platform that provides an opportunity to our teams to present their findings. Our aim is to create a co-learning community within our workspace.



Ventes Avenues #GuruKool is an initiative where we invite leaders from the advertising and media industry, to converse with our employees and provide valuable insights to help our teams broaden their horizons. In an informal manner our teams get to interact with their Gurus.



A unique Ventes Avenues initiative #GiveTime, "Giving Time" is always precious, we encourage our teams to spend time with those who would heal/benefit from our time. In our first initiative, our team spent quality time with the "Specially Abled", an experience that taught us to be more grateful for all that we have, to stop complaining and start spreading smiles.

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After a year of arduous work, an off-site is always welcome; a time to bring the teams together to discuss/review/plan strategies, goals, tactics and conclude next years plans that we take back to office. Our off-site is also packed with fun, games, awards and insights from a life coach. Get recharged and aligned.

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